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"We wanted to let you know that your work with him is very appreciated. You have a gift Josh. Thank you for sharing it. And he told me how much he loves Shakespeare, happy to see him rise to the challenge... As my husband states in his letter below- I hope we get to chat with you someday - even if it is through zoom. Such a light in this world you are. Thank you."



"Josh Mann is a knowledgable and compassionate educator who is highly skilled at helping students with divergent learning styles achieve academic success.  He is also able to provide mentoring support to young people who need social skills and life skills support.”


Dr. Peter Murphy, Ph.D


"Josh has been immensely helpful to my Asperger's son who is transitioning from high school to college  -- both as a life skills mentor and as a skilled academic manager.  He is professional, always on time, communicates well and is a pleasure to have on our team!  My son has grown by leaps and bounds with Josh's help.  I highly recommend him."




"Josh is an amazing teacher and a professional acting coach. My son loves to have lessons with Josh and enjoys reading Shakespeare together. Josh also helped my son to truly understand acting and to perform well at the school musical. My son received a lot of compliments from school teachers after the show. Josh is a great teacher and my son is lucky to learn from him."




"Josh is an amazing tutor, and has made such a significant impact on my son's life.  My son went from being very unorganized and unsure of himself to very confident in his work and himself, all through working with Josh.  Josh helped give my son a solid base from which to work and continue to work to his best potential."


Sherry A.


"Josh's dedication to helping students navigate the rigors of a variety of curricula is second to none. Josh demonstrates a keen understanding of our students' needs, and is able to assist them to not only accomplish the work, but become more self-reliant while nurturing their individual strengths." 


Irwin Shubert, B.A./M.A.

High School English Instructor

"Josh's deep understanding of his student's struggles and his dedication to their success is what sets him apart from any traditional tutor. He is genuinely invested in developing each students' sense of self AND helping them succeed in school." 


Lainie S. Donnell, M.A., ET/P


"Josh is an important source of inspiration for my son as he gets to know his learning style and overcomes his learning challenges. Josh thinks up great ideas for reading sources, poems, and games. He encourages my son in a unique way that means a lot to my son. Josh provides excellent reviews of my son’s progress at the end of his lesson. I am grateful for Josh’s part in the team of people who are helping my son get to the next level. I recommend him for others in need of inspiration and encouragement."




"Josh Mann was an excellent support tutor for my teen in English.  He helped develop thesis statements, hooks, and reinforced the structure of the 3 and 5 paragraph essays.  Not only was Josh knowledgeable, he was patient, flexible, accommodating and extremely understanding to the frustrations of a gifted student with learning challenges.  Not an easy combo to contend with.  I was very impressed with his quiet strength and his ability to set boundaries for time, and for the structure of the actual, physical learning space. My son was eager to learn under Josh's tutelage and felt his writer's voice was heard and appreciated.  His grade increased a whole letter grade in 10th grade.  Most importantly, he built such great confidence in our teen, it has transferred to this year. He now works independently in English and writing essays for History, confidently scoring above average in both classes."


 Campbell Hall Parent


"In our experience, we have found Josh to be an adept tutor whose expertise and consistency deliver tangible results. Josh has the unique ability to tap into students’ areas of need, implementing useful learning strategies and modeling executive functioning skills to help students take responsibility for their own academic progress. In addition, Josh cultivates fruitful relationships with our teachers and administrators to create a collaborative learning environment."


Chris Wiebe, Academic Dean, 10th-12th Grade

English 10 Instructor, Bridges Academy


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