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We address the needs of students who need a specialized or individual curriculum to accommodate non-traditional and unique styles of learning

In addition to teaching small homeschooling groups, we offer individual homeschooling in most subjects. To learn about current classes or individual homeschooling, please contact us. Past classes include: 


Writing is about telling a story. What is your story? What story would you like to share with the world? Using our imagination and personal experiences, we will explore the world of creative writing through a series of exercises to help you grow. This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to enjoy the writing process, whether it's a special concept you've always had or a personal experience you would like to explore, this workshop will allow us to learn what it means to be a dynamic storyteller. We will also read from passages from published material, so we can also learn from the great writers of our time. We will discuss what you love about writing and what your thoughts are on what you look for in a compelling story. You will not only learn tools to become a better writer, but you will also learn how to have fun during the process of discovering your unique voice.    


This class is designed to make each student a better essay writer. Students are taught how to write five paragraph essays that are articulated with clarity, precision, and intelligence. We explore imagination, structure, and tools to make the writing more efficient and organized. There is a strong emphasis on grammar and how to work with transitions so the writing is powerful and has a nice flow to it. We read samples from great works of literature, news articles, and reviews to inspire, teach, and learn. This class also encourages discussion and analyzing the work, which helps students with being articulate and thoughtful.  


This is a special class designed to demystify Shakespeare’s language and make his words come to life. We will have fun! The class is open to anyone and no prior knowledge of playing Shakespeare is necessary. The class will be an introduction to my approach in making Shakespeare accessible and enjoyable to students, and will involve reading, watching clips from films and famous theater productions, discussion, and analysis. We will work on the sonnets and explore Shakespeare’s poetry: making it understandable and bringing it to life. We will also work on modernizing Shakespeare, textual analysis, and how to connect to the material with passion. Students should bring the complete works of William Shakespeare or have access to it online. 



Do you need audition coaching for Conservatory's or Theater Schools? We also provide coaching for both professional and school related auditions.  


In this class we will explore what makes a great writer, through examining a series of prolific short stories. We will look at the use of character, literary devices, story elements, and other exciting components that make a story unique. We will pay special attention to each writer’s voice and what makes them an interesting story teller. Thematic interpretation is also an important element of this class. 

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